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Drinking water production in your kitchen made easy


Made in Sweden by Bluewater
Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System
Flowrate up to : 2.5 l/min

The Bluewater Cleone water purifier is an affordable reverse osmosis water purifier that most anyone can own. It removes up to 99% of waterborne impurities from your water, getting rid of contaminants such as chlorine, microplastics, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals like lead, and pharmaceutical or chemical residues. Cleaner, healthier water from the Cleone helps boost your wellbeing.

With the Cleone, you can enjoy up to 190 liters of pure, delicious water every day. With three-stage prefiltration and a post-carbon filter, the Cleone provides an economical way to makes sure you have enough clean water for drinking, rinsing and cooking. Depend on the Bluewater Cleone for healthier, great-tasting water at home.

Options for UV lamp and integrated mineral filter available.


  • No chemicals needed.
  • Eliminates impurities like pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, fungus, algae etc.
  • Compact, energy saving, user friendly technology with microprocessor control.
  • More comfortable than bying bottled water
  • Better for the environment
  • Better water quality

 We do carry a full set of spare and replacement parts .


Models and Versions

   System with delivery Installation (Algarve and Alentejo)
Cleone Classic up to 1.5 mS/cm 940 € 320 €
Filter set Cleone 4 elements 48 € 210 €

Prices in Euros € including IVA 23%