4.370 €
PRO400 Models


Pure drinking water from your tap

The PRO 400 Series

Made in Sweden by Bluewater
Direct Flow superior
Reverse Osmosis System
Flowrate: 4 l/min

The Bluewater PRO water purifier removes up to 99.7% of waterborne impurities from municipal, well or brackish water. Highly efficient SuperiorOsmosis™ technology removes contaminants such as microplastics, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals like lead, and pharmaceutical or chemical residues. Rely on the PRO for quality water that protects your health and that of your family.

Turn on your tap and enjoy up to six liters of pure, delicious water flowing every minute directly from your faucet. The Bluewater PRO provides all the water needed to meet daily requirements, including dishwashing and laundry. Let the Bluewater PRO deliver water you can trust to be the best.

Bluewater PRO is available in different versions. One for brackish water purification and one for extremely demanding purification requirements to meet standard laboratory guidelines, retail & supermarket misting systems and more.


  • No chemicals needed.
  • Eliminates reliably impurities like pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, plastic micro particles and nano particles …..
  • Pure water efficiency up to 75% which means low water usage
  • Compact, energy saving, user friendly technology with micro processor control.
  • More comfortable and cheaper than bying bottled water, better for the environment ,better water quality, long lifetime
  • High purification efficiency, superior technology
  • Used for drinking water stations in events like Golf Masters Open and Volvo Ocean Race


Models and Versions

   System with delivery Installation (Algarve)
PRO400BC-HR, for brakish water, up to 11mS/cm 4730 € 260 €
PRO400C-HF, for normal water, up to 4 mS/cm 4730 € 260 €
PRO400CV-HR for intranet with PRV and CD 5740 € 290 €
PRO400BCV-HR for intranet with PRV and CD 5740 € 290 €
Expansion tank with connection parts and valves  390 €  

Prices in Euros € including IVA 23%