Sustainable Water Purification and Water Management,
Consulting Services and Equipment

We apply the latest  and most efficient technology with  our experience of more than 20 years of successful activity in the field.

about us

Welcome to Aguaconcept Water Purification Technology Established 1994

We are a family enterprise and our intention is to be small and excellent .

We have more than 20 years experience in cost efficient and earth friendly water purification technology. Our systems are optimized regarding energy usage and work without toxic chemicals.

Advantages of our systems:

- fundamental for the health of your family
- good hydration with pure water heals and prevents many diseases
- more life quality
- saves you a lot of money in the long run
- peace of mind

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wir sprechen deutsch
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our services

evaluation of water quality | optimisation of water quality
evaluation of water management | optimisation of water management

our solutions


we use the latest membrane and catalytic technology with the highest efficiency and reliability

cost efficient

some of our systems are designed to work reliably up to 20 years and more


- our enterprise is more than 70% powered by solar energy
- we always prefer bio degradable non toxic additives
- all our equipment is optimized regarding energy usage
- one of our clients saves 120.000 kWh per year since 2006

respecting and protecting the natural water cycles

- we are part of nature and our survival is linked to clean water and living oceans
- polluted rivers and growing dead zones in the oceans are threatening our survival more than viral diseases
- oceans produce 70% of the oxygen that we breathe

latest projects

Volvo Ocean Race 2017

Drinking water stations for the race village.


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Club Med

Water purification for bio pool and the whole ressort.


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our customers have

bio piscinas

Bio Piscinas build the best natural pools and have won many awards for outstanding quality . They have the most amazing way to purify water using plants and other biological components to achieve agreeable and clean water. Many of their pools are stunning and transform the whole area in a beautiful way.

Aguaconcept (Berilazul Lda.)

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Excellence in water quality since 1994